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       March 8 2023

    Spanish Court Hotel, Valencia (A)

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Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality

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A Conference for Development & Inspiration - Women, Celebrate Yourselves!

Attend our upcoming brunch conference at The Spanish Court Hotel, where you'll hear from experienced speakers as they weigh in on current topics. Women In Law Foundation is proud to provide a platform for women to celebrate themselves. It is a multidisciplinary platform for inspiring women to rise and advance to their preferred goals. There will be coaching, shared experiences of courage and resilience, development tools and tips for growth. It is a conference for women, facilitated and chaired by women and men.  

Attend our conference at the Spanish Court Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica.
Leadership, Resilience, Opportunity, Mentorship, Allies, The Unspoken
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About the Conference

Women in Law Foundation, notwithstanding its name, is a multi-professional foundation. It is honoured to be hosting its Brunch Conference on International Women’s Day March 8, 2023 at the Spanish Court Hotel.

The conference is a wonderful opportunity to hear from industry leaders, emerging leaders and business coaches from around the world. They will address attendees on issues relating to the opportunities, challenges and inclusiveness and diversity.

Women in Law promotes the advancement of women everywhere, addresses the delicate matter of balancing the rules of engagement and improved policy and management practices that impact women.

Who Should Attend

  • Women
  • Men Who Support Women
  • Managing Partners
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Judges
  • Attorneys-at-Law
  • Paralegals
  • Law Clerks
  • Legal Secretaries

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